Sober Living Home Harbor House Review Sober Living in Boston Massachusetts

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Sober Living Home Harbor House Review Sober Living in Boston Massachusetts

Love the impact you are making and the relationships you are building with just time, a kitchen and acceptance. If you are seeking drug and alcohol related addiction rehab for yourself or a loved one, the sponsored hotline is a confidential and convenient solution. One of the most important buildings on the site, the Tempio Tetrastilo, dates back to this era. It was erected in the 1st century BC on a pre-existing and probably sacred ground and originally had four columns, of which only one capital is left. It is often called an “open-air museum” because of the abundance of well-preserved ruins and relics, and thanks to its location, right next to the beautiful west Sardinian beaches. Explore the history of the ancient Carthaginian Empire at these important ruins and relics across the Mediterranean.


Harbor House Review has a great number of resources and we can refer you to therapists, programs, and licensed professionals as needed. Perhaps you have a connection with a therapist or life coach that you want to continue. We encourage you to keep what works and add resources where it will benefit your recovery. There are no referral fees and our vetted licensed professionals accept a variety of insurances. We have the sole goal of connecting you with the providers who will help you the most -­ Period. At Tharros, we offer semi-private to fully private ensuite accommodation.

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However, experience has shown us, not every person with an addiction or alcoholism is the same. Our program isn’t cookie ­cutter; we want to get to know you and help ensure that you have what is necessary for you to achieve your goals. We help you see, what it is about you, you may have a hard time seeing.

  1. If you’ve completed a program like this, you’re probably feeling very good about your recovery, as you should.
  2. With more than 50 years of recovery experience, our team understands what you’re going through and we want to help you love life again.
  3. Love the impact you are making and the relationships you are building with just time, a kitchen and acceptance.
  4. During the later 6th century, Tharros was conquered by the Carthaginians who built a massive new temple and fortified the city with defensive walls.


At Teras, clients work with their on-site case manager and our vocational coach to develop a recovery fellowship and engage work. Clients of Teras may also be involved in outpatient treatment while they develop a foundation in their recovery work, and apply to work positions. After 30 days, clients are expected to be employed while they continue progress in their recovery work.

The Best Guide To Tharros, Sardinia

I thought I would be giving up my free will… instead, I was learning how to reclaim it. ​When you arrive at the house, you will undergo an initial discussion and orientation with the Program Director, including a dialogue on the past events that led you here. Together, we will start discussing what you want to achieve by engaging the support at Tharros. There are general rules of the house that everyone is required to follow.

Although, Tharros remained an official church seat until 1071 when the bishop moved to Oristano, marking the end of a thriving ancient city. Between the Roman conquest of Sardinia in 238 BC and the end of the Roman Empire in the 5th century AD, Tharros underwent extensive transformation. In the Republic 2nd century BC, the great defensive wall was renovated and a a new urban system connected by roads made of volcanic balsalt were established. The Romans also built a bathing complex and the Castellum Aquae to distribute fresh water from the aqueduct.

All Harbor House Review and Teras House clients are provided peer case management to ensure that they are given every opportunity to maximize their early recovery. Our team works one on one with each client to help identify ways to add value to their long term recovery, including a focus on relapse prevention, values, and recovery fellowship engagement. In addition to vetting treatment professionals, Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), recovery meetings, and other outpatient resources, we expose clients to various life engagement activities. We make suggestions and provide support and accountability, but you decide what works for you. Harbor House Review approaches recovery by looking at both abstinence and your life satisfaction/ happiness. We employ the tenants of positive psychology to help identify what areas of your life will benefit the most from your attention, ultimately helping you achieve your goals and a life that you look forward to living!

A sober living environment reinforces honesty and integrity as it supports you on your journey to acquiring a great new lifestyle. Learning to live a happy life free of alcohol and drugs takes time,  but you can do it if you want to. Teras is located two miles away from Tharros (both Tharros and Teras are in Lexington MA). This less structured residence is designed to support clients when they have 25+ hours of work or other outside structure weekly, which can be developed with assistance from our team, in the first 30 days. You are more likely to maintain long-term sobriety by entering and committing to a structured transitional living environment, like Harbor House Review Review. That’s why we encourage our clients to consider staying 6 months to one year.

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