Message From The Principal

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Message From The Principal

Welcome to TEG International College!

Since TEG International College (TEG) inception in 1994, the college has been developing its students holistically through cost effective courses with quality curriculums and extracurricular activities meeting the student and industrial needs.

TEG currently provides programmes in the field of hospitality, tourism, retail and engineering to students and working adults who realised the need to continuously upgrade their knowledge and skills. We will continue to roll out more exciting courses for enhancing your academic qualification, career development and employability.

We provide comprehensive facilities such as well-equipped classrooms, practical hospitality training room and computer room to assist our students for the challenges ahead.

Our prime focus has always been providing quality education and support services. As a result of assiduously applying high standards to our business operations, we have achieved the prestigious 4-Year EduTrust Certification award from Committee for Private Education.

Our commitment to provide unwavering quality education and support services will ensure our students receive the services and support for a successful learning journey at TEG International College.


Rao Suresh